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Dr. Henry Lewis (Aka Rabbi Aaron Levi) is a sought-after speaker and author, teaching at churches and conferences along with numerous TV guest media outlets. 

Henry is ordained with the Assemblies of God and an ordained Rabbi with Asher Intrater of Revive Israel Ministries.He holds three Doctorates in Counseling, Theology and Christian Education.

Henry and his wife Patricia Lewis are from New England and have been married for 45 years and have two children and 6 grandchildren.

Henry Lewis is a Sicilian Scottish Jew. His descendants come from Italy, Scotland and S Africa.Henry is a descendant of the famous Author and Pastor Andrew Murray

Patricia is French, Native American(Iroquois) and Jewish. Descendants are traced from Canada,  
Paris,Switzerland,Russia, UK, Netherlands, Ireland and Germany.Works in the office of a prophet and seer.

His conference teachings involve subjects such as: teaching on subjects such as: Old Testament from the Hebrew point of view as well as the New Testament,the power of the transforming mind, victory over addictions,abuse and curses, spiritual warfare, revival, revelation, the importance of the Holy Spirit, authoritative confident prayer, Christ Identity and your authority, how to pray with the language of God and get results and more.

Their passion and unwavering faith founded Joshua International, which is an Apostolic teaching and apologetic ministry which produces strong evangelical outreaches with the purpose to introduce the people to hold a personal relationship to Christ, agreement with his word and the power of the Holy Spirit and not a religion.Their goal is to instruct a nation to hear and know God's voice and carry a triumphant faith in order to overcome every situation that comes against them.

Their revival conference meetings reach into 10 countries amongst prophetic leaders.

Dr. Lewis has authored 12 books which is still increasing. The first book was called 'The Unholy Anointing' which later was changed to ' A Quest for Spiritual Power. It is a testimonial book which is now translated in Arabic, English and in French.

Charisma magazine shared his testimony of victory in 2000 of being set free as a former political occult leader which formed the branch of the Illuminati who was raised from birth. 750,000 copies of the testimony article was translated in a major Indian language which resulted in their acceptance to Christ.. To God be the glory! 

 "If it was not for love." Testimony of faithful prayer.
All gratitude is given to my grandmother who refused to listen to my father to not pray over me or read her bible to me. She was the granddaughter of the famous Andrew Murray . Her youngest brother was named after Andrew Murray who pastored a Scottish Presbyterian church in Fall River Ma for 45 years.
Also one faithful woman of 26 years who prayed continually until he broke free from spiritual darkness, abuse and from a leadership position of the occult government and secret societies.

Henry and his wife have established churches in the US. Their first church was in Middleboro, Ma by the assistance of Aimee Semple McPherson's son, Rolf McPherson, who believed in their calling. 

Later, Dr. Roy Hicks, Sr. (friend who worked at Angelius Temple with Aimee & Rolf McPhearson) supported them as well. Other faith founders included  friends : Dr. Leonard Heroo (Apostle and President of Zion Bible Institute & School of the Prophets), Evangelist Robert Schambach, Prophet David Wilkerson, Derek Prince, Lester SumrallFrank Hammond, Kenneth Hagin Sr. etc

Henry has been influential to pray at the UN in Geneva Switzerland with the Chaplain on many occasions and to meet Muslim leader, Ambassador Yemen's handicapped daughter. in 2017. He has been asked to return and continue ministering. 

Henry is the spiritual advisor to the Aruban Prime Minister.

Switzerland and Testimony Book
Switzerland holds a deep love for them as they minister yearly to awaken a country to truth and raise up stronger prayer leaders. 

Henry's testimony Arabic translated book has been sold and distributed throughout Egypt to 8000 readers with salvation success.The Arabic and French translated book is being distributed to Muslims and other nations on the streets and in evangelical meetings throughout Switzerland to 3 languages and in Belgium.

Henry & Patricia coordinated large revival events in New England which began in Salem, Ma with the help of Rev Ken Steigler & local pastors. Daystar programming promoted the events for 2 years. Perry Stone heeded to their invitation to come and bring change. A transformation video was edited that shares the signs and wonders and miracles that occurred. 

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